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Travel Team Tryout Reminder

Registration for fall tryouts for travel soccer and travel rec soccer with Southern Lehigh Soccer club’s 2015-16 season is now open.  This would be for ages u9-u14 boys and girls.  Please go to the website and register. 
Please DO NOT pay during the registration process. (wait until we know what team your child has qualified for). 

Please go to the website to see times and dates of tryouts. 

here is a link to a map of the park and here is a link to age group qualifications Age_Group_Chart 2015-2016

When you go thru the registration process, at the end, you get a choice:  either pay online, or print forms and mail payment (see below).  All you have to do is choose to Print Forms and Mail Payment and they will be populated from the registration process.  Parents please bring these forms to tryouts.



Tryout Dates


Please bring a soccer ball (size 4 for U9-U12 and size 5 for U13 and older) and a drink to each tryout.  Players must complete the pre-registration paperwork prior to their 1st tryouts.  PLEASE DO NOT PAY registration fees until after you find what team you have been selected for.  You must wear shin guards to participate in the tryouts.  If possible, arrive 10 minutes early to allow proper time to sign-in with the coach and warm-up.  All tryouts will be held at the Upper Saucon Township Park Fields.  If you think tryouts might be cancelled due to weather or field conditions, please contact the coach listed for that age group.

Fields are numbered 2 though 4 with 2 being a large field close to the playground and refreshment stand/bathroom building.  Field 2 is large sided fields for U13 and above.  Field 4 is the farthest from the play ground. (Field 1 is closed for play)

Age for the travel teams is considered the age of the player on August 1st of the current year.  Click here for a link to the age group chart for reference.  click the link at the end of the sentence for a map of the fields at Upper Saucon Park

Additional dates and teams will be listed as they are finalized by the coaches.  Please check back often for cancellations, updates and additions.


Tryout Dates


U9 Boys Travis Robbins
Wednesday, May 6th 6:15 – 7:30 Field #3
Monday, May 11th 5-6:15   Field #3
Wednesday, May 13th 6:15 – 7:30 Field #3
Wednesday, May 20th 5-6:15   Field #3
Thursday, May 28th 5-6:15 Field #3 (makeup day)
U10 Boys: Tim Lenihan 610-868-5557
Friday, May 1 (6:15-7:30) Field #3

Wednesday, May 6  (6:15-7:30) Field #2

Tuesday, May 12  (6:15-7:30) Field #2

Thursday, May 21 (6:15-7:30) Field #2

Wednesday, May 27  (6:15-7:30) Raindate Field #2

U-11 Boys: Contact Luke Verna  (
Friday, May 1 (6:15-7:30) Field #3

Tuesday, May 5  (6:15-7:30) Field #4
Tuesday, May 12  (6:15-7:30) Field #2

Wednesday, May 20 (6:15-7:30) Field #2

Thursday, May 28  (6:15-7:30) Raindate Field #2
U-12 Boys: Coach- Bill Trackim ( (610) 442-4390 
Friday, May 1st 6:15-7:30 PM Field #4
Sunday, May 3rd 6:15-7:30 PM Field #3
Wednesday, May 20th 6:15-7:30 PM Field #3
Thursday, may 21st 6:15-7:30 PM Field #3
U-13 Boys: Coach – Greg Scharf ( (610) 737-4888 
Friday, May 1st 5-6:15 Field #2
Friday, May 8th 5-6:15 Field #2
Wednesday, May 13th 5-6:15 Field #2
Wednesday, May 20th 5-6:15 Field #2
Wednesday, May 27th 5-6:15 Field #2 – Makeup Day
U-14 Boys:  Coach Gregg Falcone ( (610) 295-3242 
Friday, May 1st 6:15-7:30 Field #2
Monday, May 4th 6:15 -7:30 Field #2
Monday, May 18th 6:15-7:30 Field #2
Tuesday, May 19th 6:15-7:30 Field #2
Tuesday, May 26th 6:15-7:30 Field #2 – Makeup Day
U9 Girls Mark Rizzo   
Saturday, May 9th 9-10AM field #3
Wednesday, May 13th 6:30 - 7:30 PM Field #3
Saturday, May 16th 2-3 pm Field #3
Monday, May 18th 6-7 pm Field #3
Wednesday, May 20th  6:30- 7:30 Field #4
(rain date)

U10 Girls: Coach - Rick Knoedler/Coach Lieberman  ( )
Thursday, May 7th 6:15-7:30 Field #4
Tuesday, May 12 6:15-7:30 Field #4
Thursday, May 14th 6:15 – 7:30 Field #4
Tuesday, May 19th 6:15 – 7:30 Field #4
Thursday, May 21st 6:15 – 7:30 Field #4 (makeup day)
U-11 Girls: Coach--Andy Morgan ( (215) 589-0356
Tuesday, May 5th 6:15-7:30 Field #3
Saturday, May 9th 4:30-5:45 Field #3
Tuesday, May 12th 6:15-7:30 Field #3
Thursday, May 21st 6:15-7:30 Field #3
Tuesday, May 26th 6:15-7:30 Field #3 (Makeup Day)
U-12 Girls: Coach--Sean Ondush (
Tuesday, May 5th 6:15-7:30 Field #2
Tuesday, May 12th 5-6:15 Field #2
Saturday, May 16th 1:30-2:45 PM Field #2

U-13 Girls: Coach – Joe Fenstermacher
Friday, May 8th 6:15-7:30 PM Field #2
Saturday, May 9th 4:30 – 5:45 Field #2
Monday, May 11th 5-6:15 Field #2
Thursday, May 14th 6:15-7:30 Field #2
Tuesday, May 19th , PSU field from 6- 7:15
Thursday, May 28th 6:15- 7:30 Field #2 (Makeup Day)
U14 girls  Coach Steve Nelson 

Wednesday, May 6th
Wedneday, May 13th
Wednesday, May 20th
Thursday, May 21st (makeup date)
All tryouts held @ PSU  large sided field from 6-7:30









The Southern Lehigh Soccer Club is pleased to announce tryouts for the 2015/2016 Travel Team Program.  Please take the time to read the following program summary. It should provide you with valuable information and allow you to understand the travel team soccer program.


Try-outs will take place at the Upper Saucon Park soccer fields across the street from the Upper Saucon Public Library.   Map of Park



The Travel Team program is designed for players who want to play soccer in a more competitive environment against similar teams from neighboring communities.  Although your commitment is for the fall season, some teams will also play indoors during the Winter and outdoors in the spring.  These are both non-mandatory to allow kids to play other sports.  Spring and winter leagues are not guaranteed and may require additional payments.  Any player who does not make the travel team will have a guaranteed place to play on a Southern Lehigh Travel Recreation team.



Any interested player is allowed to tryout for a travel team as long as they are age eligible.  We strongly recommend 7 year olds play intramurals but they are welcome to tryout if they are very strong soccer players.  We also make exceptions for kids who are young for their grade to play with their classmates.  You do not have to live within the Southern Lehigh School District to tryout but we have limits on the number of outside district players.   Final decisions on eligibility resides with the coaches and the director of travel.  (U8 players trying out for U9 travel will make the team by invitation only)



Each year the Southern Lehigh Soccer League Board evaluates the program, and makes preliminary decisions on what teams will be offered.  This decision uses factors such as past year’s tryouts and participation, coach availability, anticipated players returning to the program and other pertinent facts.  These preliminary decisions have produced the teams listed on the attached tryout schedule.  Just because an age group is not listed in the schedule does not mean it will not exist and conversely just because an age group is listed does not ensure this age group will exist.  Our decisions on adding or dropping age groups are based largely on the quantity and quality of the players that attend tryouts and the availability of qualified coaches.  If the turnout and ability is large enough to justify a second team in an age group, or to split combined years into single years, we will make every effort possible to field the additional team.



Players are expected to make every reasonable effort to attend as many games and practices as possible in their team's primary season.  The primary season is the fall season.  You will find coaches more than willing to work with players to avoid conflicts, but the same cooperation is expected from the players and parents in return.  If your team plans to participate in the optional winter and/or spring season, your coach prior to that season will explain the commitment level. 





Each player will be charged an initial registration fee of approx. $140.00.  This fee covers team and player registration with the Lehigh Valley League (or other primary league such as Delco or PAGS) and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, secondary medical insurance, referee fees, socks, state cup registration fees, some tournament fees and the administrative cost associated with the travel team program.  These administrative costs include many items such as paint for the fields, game balls, practice equipment, goals, non-resident field fees, etc.   Do not make any payments at this time.  We will collect the payments after the teams have been selected. 



Each player must purchase a uniform and this fee is in addition to the registration fee.  This uniform can be kept and used from year to year.  Approximate cost is $75.00 and usually consists of one pair of game shorts and two game jerseys.  You will not need to purchase another new uniform until requested by you or required by the league due to the availability of the current style.  Uniform style changes typically occur on a three year cycle.  Players and parents are responsible for buying shin pads and soccer cleats.  Southern Lehigh Jackets and warm-ups are also available at additional cost but these are NOT mandatory.  Most players do not purchase these.





The Southern Lehigh Soccer Club will pay $950.00 towards each team’s league entrance fees into sanctioned tournaments.  The league will also cover the cost of all Ref Fees and entrance into one State Cup tournament fee.  Additional player costs are incurred when your team’s cost for the above exceeds the $950.00 funded by the club.  This may include the hiring of a personal team trainer or play in additional tournaments or indoor seasons. 

Special Financial Issues

Special consideration will be addressed for families under financial duress.  Please speak to your coach if you have issues.



All players interested in playing on a travel soccer team for the 2015/2016 season must pre-register with the Southern Lehigh Soccer Club prior to tryouts.  Pre-registration will take place online at 
prior to your teams scheduled tryout time.  At that time both the SLSL registration form and the EPYSA RG6 form must be completed, printed and signed by a parent/guardian to complete the tryout pre-registration process.  No fees will be collected until after teams are formed.  No mailed in forms will be accepted. Please be sure to arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of the scheduled tryout time to hand in the forms.  Do not make any payments during registration.  We will collect the money after the teams have been selected.



Tryouts for the travel teams will take place in May.  Dates to be posted by 15 April 2015.  See the enclosed list for exact dates, times and coaches for each age group.  All tryouts (unless noted) will be held at the Upper Saucon Township Park Fields.  Players must complete the pre-registration as noted above prior to tryouts.  Although coaches encourage players to attend as many tryouts as possible, a player need only attend two tryout sessions to be eligible for the team.  Please bring a soccer ball and a supply of water when attending tryouts.  You must wear shin guards to participate in the tryouts.  Soccer cleats are recommended but not required for try-outs.In the case of inclement weather, contact the coach listed for that age group for details. 



Teams will be selected in late May / early June.  All eligible players, who have participated in the tryouts, should be notified prior to June 14th, as to their status with the team.  For those selected, your team registration meeting will take place in the middle of June. 



Teams generally begin practicing 2-3 times per week in late July or early August.  Once school begins, practices usually continue 1-2 times per week but older teams may have 3 or more.  Many teams enter preseason tournaments in August and early September. Some teams also enter a tournament over Columbus Day weekend.  The locations of tournaments vary by team.  League play begins the weekend after Labor Day and runs until the middle of November with generally one game per weekend.  Home games are played at Upper Saucon Township Community Park or behind the Lower Milford Borough Building.  Traveling time for away games generally range from 20-60 minutes in most cases.  Most teams play in the LVYSL (Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League) but girl teams have played in PAGS (Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer) and boy teams in DELCO (Delaware County).  All of these leagues are part of EPYS (Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer).  The league selection is the coach's choice, and the decision is normally based on the competitiveness of the age division for each team.  The Southern Lehigh Board strongly recommends playing in LVYSL.  All U9 teams will automatically be entered into LVYSL as well as any coach that doesn't notify the Southern Lehigh Registrar that they will be playing elsewhere.



During the winter months, players have the option to participate in our indoor program.  This may include indoor practice and participation in various indoor tournaments.  These tournaments can range from local events run by other clubs to events at regular indoor soccer facilities.  Participation in this season is at the discretion of the teams coach.  Players may choose to opt out from playing in the winter. 



Most age groups have the option to participate in leagues and tournaments during the spring and summer months.  The decisions on the type and amount of spring play are up to each team’s parents, coaches and players. The parents must make their level of commitment for the spring season known to the coach prior to the spring season and then standby their commitment.  A player who opts not to participate in the indoor program is still eligible to play in the spring and summer.


TEAM RESPONSIBILITY   (Very important and SOMETIMES overlooked)

Each travel team has certain responsibilities to the Southern Lehigh Soccer Club, the Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League, or any other league in which they are entered.  These include field setup and painting, team registration, team uniform ordering, club meeting attendance, Lehigh Valley Tournament assignments and many more.  These responsibilities should not be borne solely by the travel team coaching staff that already put many hours of their time in coaching your sons and daughters.  These responsibilities need to be shared by the parents and players of the team.  Please make it a point to be aware of your team’s responsibilities and help fulfill these required tasks. 

Travel Forms